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      Company Profile

      Guangdong Dongguan Electric Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952. It was transformed from a state-owned company to a private enterprise in 1996. It was relocated from Dongguan Nancheng to Dongguan Mayong in November 2011. The newly-built factory covers an area of 155 acres and a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters . It has nearly 600 sets (sets) of various equipments for production, testing and inspection, and has an annual production capacity of 4 million kilowatts of electric motors.

      The company is now a national high-tech enterprise, a long-established enterprise in Guangdong Province, a private scientific and technological enterprise in Guangdong Province, and a top 50 private enterprise in Dongguan City. It is the vice chairman unit of the Small and Medium-sized Motor Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and the chairman unit of the Guangdong Small and Medium-sized Motor Industry Association. The "Global Brand" trademark is a well-known trademark in China, and the "Global Brand" motor has been rated as a national customer satisfaction product, a famous brand product in Guangdong Province, and an excellent independent brand in Guangdong Province.

      Big four Advantage

      Love creates harmony, reason creates growth, innovation changes fate, passion fulfills dreams

      • Strict requirements

        Treat every request of the customer with heart

      • Strong technical strength

        advanced equipment Excellent craftsmanship Professional talent

      • Complete industrial chain

        Value Chain Enterprise chain supply chain Space chain

      • Complete after-sales service

        Establish a corporate image increasing customer satisfaction


      Record the bits and pieces of Dongguan Motor Man

      Gold customers

      Love creates harmony, reason creates growth, innovation changes fate, passion fulfills dreams

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